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Nicole Swan, Jewelry Designer

    This is our collection of breast cancer awareness bracelets. Wear a breast cancer awareness bracelet to show your friends,
   family and loved  ones how much you  support and care for them  through their  time of need and for the rest of their lives!
   Custom orders are accepted,  encouraged and appreciated,  so please don't be afraid to inquire.  Don't forget to check out
   our breast cancer awareness earrings and breast cancer awareness necklaces! Save by purchasing a jewelry set!

   Our earrings are  finished with a hypo  allergenic  French  earwire. If you are allergic to metal and need alternate, please
   click here to order.

  A portion of the proceeds of ALL breast cancer awareness sales will be donated to the American Cancer Society  

Item# BCAB01 - Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet Item# BCAB02 - Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet Item# BCAB03 - Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet Item# BCAB04 - Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet
Item# BCAB01
Made to Order
Price: $14.99
Item# BCAB02
Made to Order
Price: $14.99
Item# BCAB03
Made to Order
Price: $14.99
Item# BCAB04
Made to Order
Price: $14.99
Item# BRAC18 - Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet      
Item# BRAC18
Made to Order
Price: $14.99

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